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Rebecca Wallis 

Registered Psychologist #998
Clinical psychology, Counselling, Assessment, and Sports Psychology

I am a Prairie girl through and through.  I grew up here, I went to school here, I started my family here and now I have my own business here. I started Wallis Psychology in 2020 to address the growing need for psychology services in our communities.  Particularly the need for psychological assessment for children and youth.  I have seen the hardships experienced by families and children as a result of not being able to get the services and support they need.  My goal, is for Wallis Psychology to provide comprehensive assessments and the utmost care to ease the struggles experienced by families in our communities. 

I specialize in psychological assessments for children and youth in a number of areas including cognition, achievement, behavior, depression, anxiety and Autism.  In addition I provide therapy for children and families in order to work through challenging behaviors and issues.  I use a variety of therapeutic modalities to fit the needs presented by the clients (CBT, DBT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy).  

I also have a particular passion for helping athletes reach their potential by working through the mental barriers that inhibit performance.  I have an extensive and varied sport background.  I played hockey for the University of Saskatchewan, was a defensive end for Team Canada and the Women's World Football Championships and have competed provincially and nationally in a number of other sports (track and field, water skiing, wakeboarding). I was a high performance athlete for many years and have a deep understanding of the power of the mind on athletic performance. My athletic experiences and professional training, have provided me with the skills to help the next generation of athletes meet their goals.    

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